Food storage is important for a variety of reasons. It can help individuals and families prepare for emergencies, such as natural disasters, power outages, and unexpected events that may disrupt the availability of food. Having a supply of non-perishable food on hand can help ensure that people have access to the nutrients and energy they need to survive during a crisis.

Food storage can also help individuals save money by buying in bulk and avoiding last-minute grocery trips. It can also help reduce food waste by providing a way to store excess food for future use. In addition, having a supply of food that can be stored for long periods of time can be useful in situations where access to fresh food is limited or unavailable.

Overall, having food storage can help increase food security and provide peace of mind knowing that you have a backup plan in case of unexpected events.

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  • Benefits By Thrive

    Benefits By Thrive

    You will love our #1 Recommended line of high-quality foods, sourced and prepared for building your every-day pantry, as well as long term storage, for up to a 30 year shelf life!

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    Options are affordable, and endless! Pick a bulk supply tailored to you, look at recipes that you may want, and more!

  • Trusted By Us

    Trusted By Us

    Trusted, and recommended by us! We have used, and promoted their products for a long time, Thrive Life is also located in our very own state of Utah!

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    Have Questions?

    If you have any further questions about Thrive please feel free to contact us! We would love to answer any questions you may have!

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Why We Recommend Thrive Life?

Highest Quality & Nutrition

If you find yourself in some type of emergency, and you are forced to start eating the freeze-dried foods that you have stored, do you want to eat B-Grade fruits and vegetables that may have sat in a field, or on a truck for several weeks before ever making it to the processing plant or the freeze dryer?  Or do you want high-quality, Grade A, nutrient-dense foods to help you get through a stressful situation?  I can tell you as a Master Gardener, the day you pick a fruit or a vegetable is the day you’ll receive the highest level of nutrients from that food, which will begin to diminish every day from then on.  Some faster than others.

Long-Term Storage that is Easy to Prepare!

THIS IS WHY we chose Thrive Life. They are the only company that we found, that is committed to the highest quality foods….From field to freezer within 24 hours.  THIS MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE on several levels.  ONE:  the flavor, texture and nutrients will be much better, and TWO:  If you’re already under stress, having nutrient-dense foods will help your body and mind to better handle the situation and help to keep you healthy and strong.

Big Savings on Monthly-Direct Shipments

Thrive Life has a wide variety of foods to suit every palette and taste.  AND they store up to 30 years!  With a monthly auto-direct shipment, you can save 30% on your order, and receive FREE Shipping for orders over $99.  Each month you can check out the Monthly specials, then customize a monthly shipment and make your food storage budget stretch even further.  Check out our link, set up your monthly direct shipment, which can be stopped, adjusted, or skipped anytime, and feel the peace of mind that comes knowing your family will have the highest quality, easy to prepare, delicious, appetizing foods ready for them when the time is needed. It’s amazing how monthly shipments can add up quickly to “peace of mind”.

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