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Everyone is at a different place with their preparedness efforts…whether brand new to emergency preparedness, or a seasoned “prepper” looking to expand your horizons, we can to help! I like to say I know a lot about a few things, and a little about a lot of things “preparedness”-related after living a preparedness lifestyle in my 41 years of marriage and family life.  I’m a Certified Master Gardener, Certified Master Preserver, CERT & American Red Cross trained.  But beyond that, I have many years of practical preparedness experience and knowledge.

  • 36 Years Of Preparedness Knowledge
  • Certified Master Gardener | Certified Master Preserver
  • CERT & American Red Cross Certified

It is important for everyone to be prepared for emergencies, and there are many resources available to help people become better prepared. It is a good idea for individuals and families to make a plan and gather supplies in case of an emergency. Some specific steps you can take to prepare for emergencies include:

  1. Make a plan: Identify an emergency meeting place, discuss what to do in different types of emergencies, and make a plan for how to communicate with each other during an emergency.

  2. Gather supplies: Assemble a basic emergency supply kit that includes water, food, first aid supplies, and other necessary items.

  3. Stay informed: Stay informed about potential emergencies that could occur in your area and how to respond to them. This may include signing up for alerts from local authorities or following them on social media.

  4. Take action: Take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones during an emergency. This may include evacuating the area, finding shelter, or providing first aid.

By taking these steps, you can be better prepared to handle emergencies and keep yourself and your loved ones safe. I would love to help out more! Get in contact with me today.

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  • Contact Janie

    Contact Janie

    Fill out our consultation form (or) call Janie directly! Within 24 hours you will have a scheduled time for your consultation.

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    Prepare For Consultation

    Research, and prepare for your phone call! How do you want the conversation to go? What questions are you wanting to ask? See guide list of topics below

  • Get Informed

    Get Informed

    Avail the benefits you receive from a veteran when it comes to a preparedness lifestyle! Learn from a experienced prepper, and find out what your next step is!

  • The Benefits

    The Benefits

    Get the information you were looking for, and start your journey! get access to our online prepper groups, and start living the PREPAREDNESS LIFE!

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