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This winter and all through 2022 if you haven’t experienced it yourself, you’ve probably seen, as I have, so many news stories on power outages. Just this year alone MILLIONS of Americans have been impacted by wide-spread and even long-term power outages. You may have been one of them.

This winter and all through 2023 - Power Outages Like We've Never Seen Before!

Some outages are a result of Mother Nature, and others due to power stations being sabotaged. This year we’ve seen wide-spread, long-term outages in North Carolina, California, and Oregon due to such horrific attacks. Most of these outages have affected hundreds of thousands of people and have taken days and sometimes even weeks to have power restored. We’ve seen widespread and long-lasting power outages from western wildfires to the hurricanes that hit Florida taking out power to over 2 million people for days. Then we saw the huge artic deep freeze that impacted over 50% of the country this month, as well as deep snow in the Northeast that has caused outages and sadly, has cost many their lives. 

We’ve seen large power outages due to the NorEaster storms and floods, and then last week’s big earthquake in Northern California that took power out to tens of thousands. As of today, over 13,000 people in Oregon are STILL without power due to grid-issues, as well as thousands in Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

Mid News Blog Question: How Prepared Are You If The Power Went Out Today?


Reference Of United States Power Outage Map

As I have watched these events unfolding day after day, my heart aches for the people impacted. The personal consequences of power outages can be devastating and are rarely reported. Refrigerators full of food are lost, freezers with hundreds of dollars of food are ruined.

There is a loss of use of most of the basic conveniences and tools we use every day: medical devices, small appliances, like microwaves, coffee makers, blenders, toasters, not to mention washing machines, dryers, hot water heaters, blow dryers, hair tools, computers, televisions, phone charges, lights, power tools, and the list goes on! and then there are the wider-spread community effects.

Communications go down, Grocery stores and restaurants are forced to close, as well as gas stations and banks. ATMS don’t work, credit card readers don’t work, and often our own place of business must shut down. The personal and economic impacts are enormous, and they affect our safety and livelihoods. When faced with a power outage, many people are forced to leave their homes and travel many miles, sometimes in perilous weather, to escape to a relatives’ home, or to a hotel. We don’t see these millions of people’s stories on the news, but they are happening every day and with increasing frequency. What is the answer? Well, I don’t have all the answers, but I have a FEW that can make our lives significantly BETTER when storms, earthquakes, cyber-attacks, direct attacks, etc., impact our supply of power. These solutions can help you to be able to stay safely in your own home during such events. 

First, having back-up power is an absolute must if you are to be truly prepared for a power outage. I recommend having a portable, SOLAR-POWERED Generator.

Eventually, gasoline generators will run out of gas. Propane will run out. Plus, they are loud and alert neighbors and passersby that you have “power”. They must be run outside and are subject to theft. The fuel will last for a day or two – then what? 

RENEWABLE power through the sun – it comes up EVERY day! Even on a cloudy day, your generator will generate power. You keep your quiet, fumeless generator inside and run your panels outdoors. It’s easy to set up, portable, and RENEWABLE. If you’re going to invest in a home power supply such as this, invest in one that you can count on to work when the gas stations close or your fuel stores run out. 

With our solar generator we have been able to stay safely in our homes during power outages due to storms and wildfires. We have been able to run our furnace in the winter and our evaporative cooler in the summer. Our food has been safe in our refrigerator and freezers, and we have been able to wash clothes and use appliances. We have had lights, computer and TVs working.

We KNOW the peace and security having a SOLAR Generator can offer, and we carry the highest quality, LION ENERGY Generator at a significant discount! We have our best deal of the year going on right now and I’m happy to make recommendations based on your situation. Just call and let’s visit about your power needs, or please visit our website. Being able to COOK without power is important. We carry Sun Ovens, and they are so easy to use, work so well and can cook, bake and even dehydrate food! We carry LuminAID, rechargeable Solar Lights to keep your rooms brightly lit and they will also charge your cell phone. They are awesome! We carry water filtration so that if water is not being pumped or is compromised, you can have clean, pure water. When the power is out, you can make your homemade bread! We carry a hand-mill called the Country Living Grain Mill. Grind your flour, then bake your bread in the Sun Oven! The time to prepare for a power outage is long BEFORE it happens. With the increasing vulnerability, frequency, and duration of power outages we are witnessing, NOW is the time to get prepared for 2023, and the years ahead. Have peace of mind. Make the investment while you can, and be ready when it’s suddenly, “Lights out”. We’re here to help with the best solutions at the best prices. It’s our passion, and we want to be part of your preparedness team!

Please feel free to reach out to our team with any questions you may have! We are here for you!

Sincerely, Janie & Bob Hawley! (Preparedness Experts)

Stay Updated Throughout Our Journey, and Become Apart Of Our Preparedness Community



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