What are you prepping for?

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What are you Prepping for ??

We get calls from people all the time wanting to know how to get started prepping.

What are you actually preparing for? Before you start prepping you should have an idea of what you are prepping for.

Each prepper is getting ready for risks that are specific to their geographical and personal risk factors.

These challenges may take the form of anything from a winter power outage to the complete collapse of civilization as we know it. It is overwhelming to try and prep for everything

What Exactly is a Prepper?

A prepper is someone who has the wisdom and insight to look to the future and prepare for possible events that may impact his or her life.

We are first preparing for events that are fairly likely, such as natural disasters, power outages, and financial challenges which are just a part of everyone’s lives. We are striving to be self-reliant.

Some of the most common risks that preppers are preparing to survive include:

Natural Disasters – Earthquakes, drought, floods, heat waves, hurricanes, landslides, solar flare, tornadoes, severe winter storms, tsunamis, volcanoes, wildfires, and other events Mother Nature’s power unleashes on us.

Man-Made Disasters – Cyber-attack, EMP (electromagnetic pulse), nuclear events, terrorism, war, or any event where people create terrible events to cause misery.

Financial Challenges – economic collapse, recession, depression, hyperinflation, unemployment, underemployment, or any other event that impacts financial livelihood.

Personal Challenges – a house fire, legal issues, power outage, chronic illness, serious injury, disability, divorce, death of a loved one, or any challenge unique to your personal life.

Social Unrest – Arson, assault and battery, burglary, gang violence, home invasion, homicide, riots, robbery, theft, or any event where you feel unsafe and need to take steps to protect yourself and your home.

Health Hazards – Epidemics or Pandemics or communicable diseases where it may be important to self-quarantine for safety.

We will continue discussion about types of prepping and why


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